Zeit Leo
Fun musical facts article.
Personal commission.
Thanks Clare!
Powered By Plants t-shirt
Sold out.
Zeit Leo
Do you clean your headphones?
Giphy - workout.
Stickers for instagram stories.
Manual for Speed.
Le Spectacle, Portrait of the Tour.
T-shirt designs
Based on famous cycling climbs.
Pancake day comes but once a year.
Stickers for instagram stories.
Ross Edgley
Celebrating his swim round the UK
Silk Road Kyrgyzstan bike stickers.
Lazer cut local creatures.
Manual for speed.
Protests in pro cycling.
Tommys Radio T-shirts
Jacket Potato College tee.
Still available on everpress.
100 drawings.
From Shaq and Nicole at Beach.
New York city kids.
for the New York Times.
Highs and Lows of pro cycling '17
For Manual for Speed
Daves Autos 50/50
Charity t-shirt for Everpress.
Illustration for De Zeit.
California Postcard
For Manual for Speed.
#slaters3forfree Twerking together.
Weekly screenprint with my brother.
Incredibly Cross bike race poster.
For Sunday Echappee CC
Beach London.
Day of Drawing.
Fabio Aru Wins the 2015 Vuelta
For Manual for Speed.
Mundy mornins.
An instagram project.
All Italian breakaway in the Giro.
For Manual for Speed.
Alcohol by post.
For the Holborn Magazine.
Tinkoff and his bad attitude.
For Manual for speed.
Screen - age Kicks.
For the protein journal.
Obamas Birthday Card.
Take a day off sir!
NWA 'Straight Outta Compton.'
Reimagined cover for Noisey.
A cycling trip to Brighton.
Living life full gas.
Kasual Klub
Collection for Manual for Speed
Parent school
For Mosaic, the Wellcome Trust.
Portrait of the artist Jay Wright.
Camden Town Brewery
Flue Faker launch poster
Kasual Klub bidons
Collection for Manual for Speed
Stage 16, Caught Grammin'!
Tour Day France, Manual For Speed.
Gym Buddy, Obesity in Brazil
For Mosaic, the Wellcome Trust.
Manuel the reporter went to france
Tour Day France, Manual for Speed.
Stage 7, When eagles cry.
Tour Day France, Manual for speed.
Black Cow Vodka
For the Holborn magazine.
Tour Day France, Manual for Speed.
5 Rules of art school
Snippit from film with Andy Baker
Pumpkin spiced lager launch
For camden town Brewery.
Because France
Jersey for Manual for Speed.

Tips from a waiter
Hand painted Apple Box
For my friend Emiliano Granado
Imp of the Perverse.
Riso comic published by Corners.
For computer virus encyclopedia!

Available as a risograph print.

Bloomberg view

Camden town
The beers and their brewers poster

Bad guys
Doing not so bad things.

Airbrush drawings
for 'Wizard' at Beach London

Tips from a waiter.

Young magic, beaty heart
White heat poster

Tips from a waiter

The babies and more.
White heat poster

All the money but no innovation

Jacuzzi boys
At white heat

Cooking Drawing Book
Weekend lunch

T-shirt for Slap magazine

A locals perspective

Get people
White heat poster